Requirements For Android Application Development

Like any other software development requirements, Android app development also require a basic infrastructure. Infrastructure in the sense, a computer, internet connectivity and softwares.

I will list out each of them in the following sections.


Our requirement is to have a computer with good performance. It does not matter whether it is Desktop or Laptop computer.

Processor : Intel processor
RAM : 8 GB Minimum (16GB recommended)
Screen : 22 inch
Storage : SSD

Apart from the above items, we need a real mobile device to test the app after development.


I would recommend Windows Operating system

Windows, Mac, Linux all three supports Android Application development. You can start development on your existing system.

Linux is faster for Android development because of its kernel similarity but i would recommend Windows because it is affordable to buy and it supports many softwares that support Android app development (Photoshop, SourceTree etc).
Mac is expensive for beginners. If you are freelancer by profession then i would recommend Mac machines for development.


This is very import factor in Android app development. We need a broad band connection because we frequently download and upload large number of data.

Cable connection or wireless connection does not matter here.Speed requirement: 2 MB/Sec – Stable connection.

If our internet speed is low then it will affect the APK build process in Android Studio IDE.


Only use Android Studio IDE. It is the official Software for Android development.
Install the stable Latest version from the official site.

Intel HAXM – It is the hypervisor to boost the performance of the emulators of AVD component in Android Studio otherwise, emulation will be slower.


Stack overflow, GitHub, Android developer official website (

These are the frequently used websites for references during the development by Android developers across the world. There are many other Tutorials available and picking the right one is entirely based on the requirements.

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