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If you find yourself uneasy during work and unable to focus, you’re not alone. As per the study, the average attention of a human is just 12 seconds; yes, you heard it right! But the question is: How can we solve our focus to balance our work life?

As we all know, technology and social life are significant reasons shrinking our attention. So, why not take the help of a productivity tool that can help us consume work communications and nothing else, which further helps get back our focus and efficiency in work life?

List Zero is one tool that aims to get workers, freelancers, modern teams, and companies back into deep work to achieve their goals.

List Zero is a macOS application created by Nathan Lippi, whose primary mission is to build tools that help people easily monitor their progress and reach new productivity peaks. List Zero is relativity new in the market and is quite open to ideas and collaboration to position itself as the best tool to solve all the problems.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the List zero application as it has something to offer for all the goals we wish to achieve, such as: Improving focus, improving habits, and getting organized.

Why Is List Zero Productivity Tool Different from Other Applications?

List Zero takes a unique approach to organizing your work with a flow to make you more productive in your work life. The software prompts you to set a goal for each day, even with a timer, so you don’t get distracted while doing the tasks. Not only this, but List Zero also has a unique flow music feature that allows one to choose and play their sound in the background, which further helps them stay refreshed.

The working sessions in List zero can keep you hitting your daily targets without distractions. Even if you feel overwhelmed by your workload, you can take one task at a time within a set timer.

Pros and Cons Of List Zero


  • Keeps soundtrack of tasks
  • Supports Time tracking
  • View the real-time status of each project task
  • Has integrated flow music (supported by Spotify)
  • Has unique keyword shortcuts
  • Very easy to use
  • Great for managing everyday tasks
  • Affordable pricing


  • Lacks security features
  • It does not support android or windows devices

Features of List Zero

Complete Your Work 80% Faster With Stack And The Ladder

The stack and the ladder are robust features of the List Zero productivity tool, as it helps reduce your work by 80% faster by keeping your focus on every task you do. This feature also allows you to keep a check and reminds you of daily work as scheduled.

Check And Analyse Your Work

Do you question yourself then and again on where did your week go? What work have you done throughout the week? Is any of your work still pending or not? And how much time did you take to complete a task? Well, List Zero allows you to keep a check-on record of your work where you can check and analyze everything that can help you improve and boost your productivity.

You Can Celebrate Your Achievements

The app helps build your focus and momentum by reminding you about your tasks and the momentum you keep to finish them. With the help of the List Zero app, you can celebrate your small or even significant achievements and keep a reminder of your victory.

Flow Mode

As the name suggests, flow mode keeps your brain hacked by craving you to start on your tasks. The flow mode has a music support option and UI trigger that helps maintain your workflow.

Know What More Can You Get In List Zero?

As you have read above, List Zero has many features in one productive app; let’s see how all the features can help you improve your focus and working habits later on.

Keyboard driven: List Zero has excellent keyboard shortcuts that can help you devote time to other production methods. This software’s keyboard-driven tools and shortcuts also help businesses and employees implement a new process to deliver work more efficiently and quickly to improve overall performance.

Motivation-boosting celebrations: Won’t it be great for you if someone celebrates your victory in every task you complete within the set time? This software prompts motivational celebrations each time you complete a task to drive your mood and motivate you to do much better work.

Flow music (+Spotify): With List Zero, you don’t have to work from home with dreaded silence as it has a fantastic feature of flow music that supports Spotify. The flow music feature allows you to choose background music on Spotify, which helps to promote attention and concentration for your work. The experts said music could help you keep your focus up.

Snooze away distraction: While working from home or even during in-house office hours, you might face countless distractions lurking around you, such as getting unnecessary LinkedIn notifications, texts, and text messages. These factors may not get you to work within the set limit, especially if you take up a task to complete within half an hour. Fortunately, the snooze-away distraction feature on List Zero can help you produce concrete better.

Pricing Of List Zero

List Zero plans start at just $4/ per month. With this, it also offers a 2-week free trial so that you can understand the software’s working and check whether it helps you enhance your productivity and work life.

Final Verdict

Indeed, List Zero is a relatively new product tool in the market, though it does all the justice with its unique features of managing all the projects. Overall, the consensus is that List Zero is a reliable yet hight recommended tool, and it will remain a favorite for many List Zero software. Though there are a few downsides too, they are not that significant enough, which could make workings challenging. Therefore, we recommend listing zero to everyone. We promise that you won’t regret using it!

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