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Android Studio How To Generate Signed APK

Signed APK is required by Google Play Store for uploading or updating APK. By Default we generate debug APK when we run our application/Build APK which is unsigned and it cannot be accepted by Google Play Store. In Google Play Store every application must be signed with a certificate, which holds the details about developer and secret key by which Google Play Store identifies APK is being uploaded from a authenticated source.

In Android Studio we have a built-in wizard to generate Signed APK. To start the process of Signing APK please follow the Steps shown below.

Step 1: Open Wizard Window

Please open the APK signing wizard window by clicking the menu option Generate Signed APK from the Build menu tab.


Step 2: Create A New Keystore File

This for the developers who are not yet created a keystore file. You have to fill few fields here for creating a certificate for the APK.

Following 4 values need to be kept for future use.

* Key store path (Location where we save the .jks file)
* Key store password
* Key alias
* Key password


Step 3: Proceed To Generate Singed APK

Please enter the details that you just created in the above step. Before proceed don’t forget to mark the checkbox to remember passwords.


Step 4: Enter Master Password

If you have not set any password yet then please provide a new one. Please remember it for future use.


Step 5: Finish

You are all done. Just click “Finish” button now.


Step 6: Wait For Background Task To Finish

It may take few minutes. The time taken for the building varies upon projects.


Step 7: See Event Log Window

Normally Android Studio notifies you with a popup alert with a link pointing to the path where signed APK generated. Please click on this link so it will take you to the location where signed APK has been created.


Step 8: Find Your APK In Directory

Normally it will be created under main module folder. Now you can upload it to Google Playstore.


Video Tutorial

The above mentioned steps are recorded as a video. Please check it out.

Note : Once an Application in Google Playstore uploaded with a keystore file then you have to sign all future versions of APK with the same keystore file. Otherwise Google Playstore will give error saying “Wrong certificate”.

Thank you.

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