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Our moustached hero, Super Mario, just completed 35 years helping his Mushroom Princess rescuing the evil King of Koopa. Oh, if you don’t have the faintest idea of what super Mario is, it is an epic video game of the 90s era and the best-selling video game franchise as over 600 million copies have been sold.

The super Mario bros advanced themselves from time to time. Starting from the land games, they introduced world games, galaxy games, games on 3D land, 3D world, introducing power suits, and not stopping still. With so many games in mint condition, it becomes difficult to rate the best games. However, let’s try to rate them.

1. Super Mario Bros. (1985)

This is the most iconic game, divided into eight worlds with four levels each. Mario has to get to the end of the level by staying clear of all the hindrances. The enemies can be defeated by jumping over them or by shooting fireballs at them.

Few levels are underwater, whereas others are on the land or in the castle. Mario can also get special power-ups hidden in the blocks. At the end of each level, the phrase appears, “Thank you, Mario! But our princess is in another castle!” At the end of level 8, the princess is freed, and the game’s object is over.

However, we can still play the game with little changes in the enemies and their speed, make it a little more difficult. Though the plots are simple, they are engaging. It is by far the best Mario game, indeed!

2. Super Mario Galaxy (2007)

This game is the third 3D game launched by super Mario, but the unique feature is that it is neither 2D nor 3D strictly. It shifts from 3D to 2D from time to time, although it is largely 3D.

It has a few additions to the 3D games introduced earlier, making it easier on the eye. Now Mario can crouch, do somersaults, triple jump, and perform a spin. Mario can also skate or swim while doing breaststrokes. Enemies can be defeated by shooting, jumping on them, or creating a spin.

When all 120 power stars have been collected, and Bowser defeated once more, the “Super Luigi Galaxy” mode is unlocked. In this mode, Luigi, instead of Mario, plays with slight changes in his power and capacity. When Luigi collects all the 120 power stars yet again and defeats Bowser, “Grand Finale Galaxy” mode is available for both the players to collect 121st star.

3. Super Mario World (1991)

This game is set on the backdrop of Dinosaur Land. A new character, Yoshi, is introduced as Mario’s sidekick. Yoshi, along with other friends, gets kidnapped by the Koopa King on Dinosaur Land. Each level’s motive is to get to the Giant Gate before the timer runs out and to collect the stars on the way. Largely, the objective of the game is to rescue all the friends.

With this game, 2-player mode returns. One player can control Mario, and the other controls, Luigi. Once the special level is won in the special zone, a fall occurs. In this backdrop, the enemies and the players change a little.

This game is commonly seen in Nintendo’s best games of all time.

4. Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

Mario has a new partner called Cappy in this game, and the game also has gone online, which allows the player to compare the score with other players around the globe. Also, apart from the game itself, the storyline is ingenious.

The storyline revolves around the wedding of Mushroom Princess, who is forced to marry Bowser. After the fight, there is a plot twist. Princess faces an offer where she has to choose between Bowser or Mario. Princess rejects both of them and chooses Cappy and takes him to the Earth when Mario also catches the ship, leaving Bowser behind on the moon.

The game also has certain minor changes. The mushrooms have been eliminated. Snapshot mode has been introduced to temporarily stop the game and take a screenshot, which can further be edited.

5. Super Mario 64 (1996)

It was the first 3D Mario game and has been praised as the greatest hits of all time. It has sold over 11 million copies worldwide.

The game is set inside the paintings on the walls of the mushroom castle. Each painting represents a new locked level, which can be unlocked by collecting Power Stars. Power stars can be collected by defeating enemies, completing missions, solving puzzles.

Rated 9.4 on Game Spot, this game comes packed with excellent graphics and amazing sound quality, setting new video game goals in the 90s.

6. Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990)

It is an action-adventure game. In addition to super Mario bros., it has a world map that allows players to choose the level. It has new power-ups like a super-suit, hammer suit, etc.

Furthermore, if one brother picks a level that the other brother has already completed, they enter Battle Mode in their mini forms. Each player has to either kill 3 of the enemies or survive till the end to win the game.

There was an idea to introduce a power-up that would turn Mario into a centaur is unknown to many as it was rejected in the early stages. The reason for its success is the intricacy and challenging levels.

7. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)

This game is set at the Star Festival time, which happens only once in 100 years. Saying goodbye to the towns and hotels, Mario is now in outer space!

However, the basic objective of the game remains to collect stars and pass the missions. At first, the controls can be a bit confusing as up no longer remains up. But gradually, you are hooked to the game.
But unlike in the super Mario galaxy, we can play with the character of our liking- Mario or Luigi, expanding our choice!

Mario is just one of the great things given to us by Nintendo, if you wish to play more games you could download the emulators for their various devices like the GameCube and you can get the websites to get the games if you read the article, and jump into the world of Nintendo.

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