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We’ve all been waiting for it and can finally share some new information! High School DxD Season 5 is confirmed to be in production. That means MORE HIGH SCHOOL DxD featuring the same cast and staff members (hopefully no recasting)! However, the High School DxD Season 5 release date is still a mystery. It will come sometime in the future, though; that much we know for sure.

High School DxD Season 5

Now let’s talk about what we currently know about HS DXD Season 5: Several hints were dropped here and there throughout the previous seasons suggesting it would happen. One of them was when Rias said she wanted to extend her harem even further while contemplating the meaning of Issei’s “Harem-King” title.

Then, in Season 4, Issei was able to get a promotion from the devils and ascended to a High-Class Devil, which sparked even more interest in an anime adaptation of Volume 15 – The Crimson Dragon Princess – Sitri no Kyogu, where he would be promoted again and become a Pawn-Breaker.

But let’s go back a bit further into the past for more hints at HS DXD Season 5. In the anime version of Season 2, when Asia gets kidnapped by Raynare to turn her into one of her underlings, Rias wonders if it might have been better if Asia had been turned instead of killed. Her reason is that it would’ve made it easier to rescue Asia, which might someday become relevant.

Of course, that might have been just an “off-handed comment” if not for the fact that Volume 9 – The Young Deviless of the 4th Era had Issei being saved by an unnamed devil wielding a holy spear that had him thinking it was Asia who rescued him all along.

Of course, there are many more hints throughout all four seasons of High School DxD, so many you can find them listed here in Syoh’s ANN article!

High School DxD Basics

If some of you don’t know what this series is about, I’ll summarize it for everyone!
The storyline follows Issei Hyoudou, your typical perverted high school dude with only one difference. He has two girls that are madly in love with him. So far, we have seen Rias Gremory and Akeno Himejima. Still, other girls are waiting to be his servants, such as Koneko Toujou, Xenovia Quarta, Rossweisse, Gasper Vladi, and even the former-maiden Serafall Leviathan!

However, things get a little more complicated when Issei dies while protecting his new friend Yuuma Amano, a fallen angel who is reincarnated as his servant Rias Gremory. Despite both having feelings for each other, the Fallen-angels and Devils hate one another, so to maintain peace and prevent all-out war, they join forces by forming an alliance!

The main goal of Issei’s group is to defeat the “Khaos Brigade,” led by Loki (and his son Fenrir). Still, there are also other groups, such as the “Anti-Satan Faction,” “Hero Faction”, “Magic Research Club”, “Recovery Committee,” and many more that we’ve gotten to know throughout this series.
As you can see, it’s hard to sum up, everything about the series in a few sentences, but from what we can tell, it’s all about Issei and his friends fighting together to make the world a better place!

It took me a while to understand why people love watching High School DxD every week. However, it wasn’t until later that we realized this anime’s uniqueness. Not only does it have a lot of action scenes, but it also shows how a mixture of different races and characters works together to accomplish one goal.

In Japan, we don’t get to see so many different characters gathered together like this, so it makes the storyline even more special than other idol anime such as Love Live or IdolM@ster.

However, even though we find the storyline and characters pretty interesting, I wonder if they’ll take things in a different direction with the upcoming season. So far, we’ve seen Issei become stronger and more confident in himself, but we’re curious about what will happen next. For example, will he finally confess his feelings for Rias? Or maybe even Yuuma?

What about Season 5, though?

Let’s look at this recent picture from Season 4s Blu Ray Box Set, where you can see Volume 15 appearing as one of the volumes to be released soon. It is a hint at something much bigger. Rias’ Mother, who appears in that volume, Venelana Gremory, was a person that Issei admired, and he would do anything to gain her approval. For those of you wondering what we’re talking about, this part is essential, so stay with me here:

In Volume 15, Issei gains the attention of Lady Venelana Gremory (Rias’s Mother) during his Pawn-Breaker Promotion Arc because he has defeated both Sairaorg Bael and Vali Lucifer, which she considers “the two most powerful devils right now”. As a result, she receives her motherly admiration and protection from the House of Gremory for becoming one of their members.

With this in mind, the 5th Season of High School DxD may be based on Volume 15 – The Crimson Dragon Princess – Sitri no Kyogu, and we know that it has already been written by Ichiei Ishibumi and published in Japan!

That means we might not be getting new content but continuing the previous seasons. All we can do now is wait and see what happens next! During December, a lot could be figured out when Newtype Magazine usually reveals more information about upcoming anime, like maybe High School DxD Season 5 release date ideas or what company will animate it (Studio Passione?).

Only time will tell. We will update you all with more information once we get it. If there is anything new about the upcoming anime, chances are the author, Ichiei Ishibumi, will let us know on his Twitter account. Let’s hope he gives us some new info soon!

On a side note, I’ve also noticed that Nakaba Suzuki, creator of The Seven Deadly Sins manga, seems to be working on something for this year’s Tokyo Game Show, which will take place on September 17 – 20. He recently posted various pictures of merchandise coming out for the event. But what caught our attention was one specific picture where you can read “High School DxD” in Japanese. Now is this just a coincidence? Or maybe it’s hinting at something…?

When is High School DxD Season 5 Coming Out?

After Season 4, rumors about a new “High School DxD” project were in the works. But unfortunately, 2017 has rolled around, and Studio Passione has confirmed that they are not working on any High School DxD anime series. At first, it was thought that maybe the next season would be coming out Fall of 2017; according to Avex Pictures, who is producing all the anime music for this franchise, they have also confirmed no upcoming projects.
We hope more news will come soon as Volume 15 of the light novels has already been published in Japan!

Issei Hyoudou might have lost his life, but he still has a vital role to play. He will be the one true hope that the Underworld needs to defeat Trihexa and all of its evil Dragons army and fake Sekiryuutei. Can you imagine how epic it will be seeing Issei vs. 666 for one last time?! We are sure everyone can agree. But if this does happen, it’ll be worth the wait!

Cast Of High School DxD Season 5

Beware of Spoilers! This section contains details about the upcoming season.
As for now, we know that Yuki Kaji (Issei Hyoudou), Yoko Hikasa (Rias Gremory), and Azumi Asakura (Asia Argento) have all been confirmed to be returning as the same characters from previous seasons, so we are pretty sure everyone else will be back too unless they have recently died or something. So what do you think is going to happen next? How will Issei come back after sacrificing himself? Who will join his team?

High School DxD Season 5 Plot

The Highschool DXD Season 5 trailer should give us an idea, but the plot needs to be clarified or interpreted. If we stick with the regular storylines from the light novels, then this is what we think might happen next. It’s been a long time since Issei Hyoudou died, and his friends still haven’t given up on trying to bring him back. They have built a secret underground chamber where they can perform human transmutation without anyone knowing about it except Saji, who volunteers to help them out, despite being totally against the idea of bringing back their dear friend.

We are guessing that since none of them are capable alchemists or know how to do it, Akeno Himejima may ask her father, Rias Gremory, for help. Or maybe she will ask her Mother, Venelana Gremory, who is a perfect alchemist? Either way, we’re sure they’ll do everything possible to bring Issei back and not let his death go to waste. It will be the perfect opportunity to show off their new powers and abilities acquired through two years of intense training under Rias Gremory’s supervision.

We are glad that Ishibumi decided to add characters like Kunou and Yasaka to the light novel series. It helped explain more about the Underworld and how mighty Devils are when working with different factions. In addition, the storylines related to these two characters were enjoyable. We also saw significant improvements in the overall teamwork among the peerage members, such as Yasaka becoming an official Devil and now working with her father as one of the leaders of the Hero Faction.

Possible High School DxD Season 5 Spoilers

It’s been a while since we heard about Issei returning to life. Still, if we get another season, we think it would be great if they showed us some flashbacks from his friends, especially when Akeno Himejima was reading the diary she found written by Rias Gremory (before she met Issei).

It would also be interesting if they added how things were before he died, including all those times that Asia Argento had to try to find him desperately. Also, we hope they clarify how Rias Gremory and Issei met. Everyone would like to know how they ended up in the same high school and if it was a coincidence.

High School DxD Hero: A New Series

However, this news comes as a surprise. Instead of another sequel to the High School DxD series we already know and love, they’re releasing a spin-off titled “High School DxD HERO”! It’s only scheduled to be released in 2018, though, so that’ll mean at least one more year before we can see the final installment of the third season! But we guess you could say it’s not an issue since we still have all those other fantastic shows coming out soon, and HSDxD is always worth the wait.

Togashi Yoshihiro (the author) will also create two new characters for this new series! We don’t know anything about them yet, but we’re sure Tim will deliver their badassery soon. The broadcast date is still a secret, so we’ll probably see more information at Jump Festa this December!

Why Do People Love High School DxD?

We think it’s because of the great characters and unique storylines. If you didn’t know, Ishibumi created a guidebook for this series called “The World of High School DxD,” where he included information about all the different factions within his universe.

It is probably why we have seen so many new characters added to the light novels, which also helps us understand more about them! Of course, there’s much more to HSDxD than just good character development, but if we had to name one thing, we would say it’s how innovative they are with their powers and abilities.

We’ve seen many similar character types in other anime, such as Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball Z, Fairy Tail, etc., but it’s hard to say that they are the same because each has unique powers. That set them apart from everyone else! Nevertheless, we think Ishibumi did a fantastic job creating this universe and all of these characters with different abilities, so it makes sense why people enjoy watching HSDxD every week on Crunchyroll.


We hope you enjoyed this article and found the information helpful somehow! We know many of you guys were probably hoping for another High School DxD Season, but it’s always good to try something new, and we still have more than enough time before it airs, so let us not get our hopes up just yet.

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