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Easiest Way To Add Google Map Into Your Android Project

Here in this article i will explain about the easiest way to integrate Google Map into your project.
Google Map is one of the most widely used android app in the world. Many applications demand such a widget. So Google is giving this widget to developers as Play Service.
If a product is given as a Play service then development overhead is reduced very much. It became very easier to integrate. More over to make Google map integration even more easier Google is providing a nice template which is called “Google Map Activity”. If you select this template as your primary activity then rest of the things will be much more easier.
These are as follows,

Start Android Studio And Create New Project




Choose Google Map Activity Template

This template will create activity with google map fragment and auto generate map related methods in activity.



Replace with your API key

In order to work Google map in our application we have to use Google API Key for android application. By this API key we can access Google servers. This key is free and can support unlimited number of users.

Steps to generate Google API Key

1. Copy the credentials provided in the google_maps_api.xml file.
2. Go to the Google Developers Console/ in your browser.
3. Use the copied credentials to add your app to an existing API key or to create a new API key. For more details, see the  Complete Process.
The full process for getting an API key: If neither of the above options works for your situation, follow the Complete Process.


Create Google Map Marker Balloon


Your Are Done! Run Your App

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