Build Level Variables And Methods Using Gradle

This topic written about build environment of an android studio application. It will discuss on how to write variables and methods at build configuration level. Such variables and functions, they will be independent of build…

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Android UI

How To Change Text Color Of setError Method

This tutorial is going to explain you about changing the default behaviour of a EditText View i,e setError() method. Changing the error text color is also a part of giving branding to the application and nowadays many popular applications…

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4 Ways To Reduce APK Size

APK, Android Application Package, is in a zip file format. The Java/Kotlin/C++ code, and resources we are using in our android application are compiled and compressed into APK file. When a user installs an application…

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Android IDEGradle

How To Update Gradle Plugin In Android Studio

This article will explain how to update Gradle plugin to latest version. You can check the latest version through this weblink where Gradle Team announces their latest releases Note: Gradle and Gradle Plugin are different. Android Plugin can run/update…

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